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Captain Marvel

 Since childhood, Carol Danvers has dreamed of flying, therefore, having matured, the girl decides to become a cadet at the Air Force Academy. After receiving the rank of major, Carol becomes an intelligence officer under the leadership of Nick Fury. When completing the next task, the plane, together with the heroine, collides with an alien race, after which Carol has unique superpowers.

The film Captain Marvel is based on the world famous comics about Marvel superheroes. The writers noted that they changed the classic plot of the superhero in the film due to the fact that her story is too similar to the origin of another superman Green Lantern. Thanks to this decision, Captain Marvel has its own unique superhero storyline at Nonton Film Bioskop Online.

For the role of Carol Danvers, he invited the famous actress Brie Larson, who received four awards for her shooting in the drama film Room. In preparation for filming, the actress studied martial arts for several hours almost every day, which greatly helped Larson perform various complex stunts. As a result, action-adventure Captain Marvel has earned more than one billion dollars at the box office, which is seven times the amount spent on filming a motion picture.